JP Design Studio

JP Design Studio provides professional design consulting for construction and renovation projects involving site planning, landscape architecture, and landscape design.

Our happy clients refer us to their friends and often come back for more!

JP Design Studio is an Atlanta-based design office led by Joan Piccalo, a 21-year veteran of design and planning in the U.S. and abroad. JP Design Studio specializes in difficult sites and short timelines. We provide Exterior Design services like site planning, grading, and permitting drawings for properties anywhere in Georgia. We provide project visioning, conceptual design, and pricing drawings in Georgia, the Caribbean, and anywhere in the world!

Exterior Design includes site improvements like driveways, pools, entrances, parking lots, walls, patios, grading & drainage. It can even include recommendations to the architecture such as porches, doors, awnings, and other exterior features. We provide design services to commercial & residential owners seeking an integrated site &  landscape  and a final result that looks and feels comfortable. Project budgets often drive scope, so we help you get the value of every dollar. 

Each client has unique goals and each site has unique characteristics, so we tailor our design process to meet the needs of every project. Green building and sustainable design are of special importance, with a focus on water and soil conservation.

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