JP Design Studio

JP Design Studio provides professional design consulting for construction and renovation projects involving site planning, landscape architecture, and landscape design.

JP Design Studio  -  Our Work  -  Private Residential  -  Private Residence in Lyford Cay 1


We designed gardens, courtyards and water features among the 7 buildings that make up this 1.5-acre waterfront estate.  The materials palette was distinctly tropical and elegant, with Coralina stone and richly-colored ceramic tile.  The design included a trellis, linear fountain, private gated courtyard with architectural wall treatments, a whirlpool spa, a formal swimming pool, a waterfront event lawn, a sculpture garden, two boat docks, decorative gates, a custom entry wall feature, and 4 separate driveway entrances.  Scope included hardscape design, landscape design, site lighting, and signage.  Several mature existing trees were integrated into the design.  Constructed by John Dunn and installed by Tropics Landscaping.



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