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JP Design Studio provides professional design consulting for construction and renovation projects involving site planning, landscape architecture, and landscape design.

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Joan's commitment to environmental sustainability is laudable and it has been a pleasure being part of her world."  - Thomas Paterson, Luxpopuli

Our Sustainable Mission

With the application of green building techniques and sustainable development practices, we protect human health, promote water conservation, and create wildlife habitat in urban environments.  

JP Design Studio supports public outreach and sustainability education through the Lifecycle Building Center, regular attendance to Southface's Sustainable Atlanta Roundtable, an annual Drawing Class fundraiser for Earthshare of Georgia, an annual Chattahoochee river cleanup via kayak for Sweep the Hooch, and other local events and speaking engagements such as Atlanta Science Tavern.

Our Sustainable Office Practices

NO STYROFOAM PLASTIC CUPS - Re-usable, washable ceramic cups and drinking glasses

NO PLASTICWARE - Real washable silverware

NO PAPER TOWELS - Re-usable, washable, 100% cotton napkins and hand towels

NO SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS - Only natural and biodegradable soaps and cleaning products

REDUCED PAPER USE - Small format printing and digital invoicing.  60% recycled paper products

REDUCED TRANSPORTATION - Employee incentives for carpool, transit, and bike commuting

INCREASED AIR QUALITY - Windows that open onto green space offer passive ventilation with increased  ratio of fresh outdoor air

NATURAL LIGHTING AND VIEWS - 100% of task areas have direct line of sight to windows and daylight

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